Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Saturday School Oh My!

Winter has not really been to bad here in the high country of North Carolina. We have been out of work and school, but nothing really major of a snow storm. Of course we do not get snow's like we use to get when I was small either. Last night we got a good snow, but the wind blew and the snow drifted and it's really cold outside. The high for today is like 15. So no playing out in this snow! The kids were out of school yesterday and again today, and I really don't see them going back this week at all. They are scheduled to go to school on Saturday! I don't think that Devon is too excited, but he will live. I never had to do this as a child, but my husband Brad did and he knows how bad Devon is not wanting to go. They will only go half a day so it will not be to bad. Devon is in fourth grade and this is the first time he has ever had to do this, maybe winter will not be so bad next year and he will not have to go. We shall wait and see. In the mean time, I am happy to say I am ready for spring!

Here is a picture we took as the snow really came down last night.

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