Monday, November 24, 2008

Love these boys....

On Tuesday of last week, I was home enjoying some time with the boys. We had our 2nd snow event and Devon was out of school and I decided I was going to stay home too.
Our new little one Chandler looks just like our older son Devon. I see pictures of Devon at this age and it's is amazing how much they look a like and everyone says to Devon he is your little twin.The only thing that Brad and I can tell that is really different about them is that Chandler's hair is going to be darker. Devon's hair was blond as it could be when he was small.
Any who... Devon and Chandler were dressed a like on Tuesday when we were home. Devon says "Mom you need to take a picture of us boys, we really are twins today.

I love how Devon is such a great big brother to Chandler. I know they have many years between them, but I know Devon would not trade him for nothing now.


Anonymous said...

That is so Sweet!!! Maybe one day Hunter will have a little brother or sister!! Id give anything to have another one... I love ya!!!

Jen @ One Moms World said...

I just love them in their camo outfits. Yes, they will be best of friends too :)

Holly said...

Listen Cindy...YOU are OLD too...don't let that 10 months fool ya, it'll be here next week! LOL

Ur boys are adorable! Hope u guys have a GREAT thanksgiving!