Monday, September 28, 2009


Today I got myself this wonderful award.....

Have you ever got one? Please say that you have, just so I know that I am not the only one out there. ;o)

I got my son a zero on his reading log today. Wonderful old mom!
I feel so bad, I sent his teacher an email, begging for forgiveness. I mean what more can I do?

Everyday Devon is to get his reading done for the day before I get home. Then he starts on his homework and what he don't understand I help him with when I get home. Then no matter how much he thinks he knows, mom always goes behind to double check. ;o)

This past Friday he had his reading log laid out there on the bar for me to sign. I read the summery he had wrote him being in 5th grade, I feel he is old enough not to have to read to me anymore and can do this task by himself. I sign off and lay the paper back down, we go to do somethings in town. Then the paper just gets shuffled where it should not be on Saturday when I am cleaning. I should have handed it straight to Devon soon as it was signed it and said put this in your book bag, knowing it was due on Monday. Stupid, Stupid me!

He goes to school, and his teacher ask him about it, he said it must be at home. Then in turn she gives him a zero. I know, I know, they are in 5th grade they have to be responsible. However, I feel this is totally my fault, not Devon's. I was the irresponsible mom the one that needs to learn to take more time on little things like this. Today when she told him he was getting a zero, I know it must have just about killed him as it about killed me to hear him tell me that he was getting a zero because of me.

Sniff... Sniff...... Are there any other moms like me out there?


Ronnie said...

Could you send me a copy of that award too? I accidentally threw away my son's study guide that is due tomorrow. When we dug it out of the trash it was wet with I don't want to think about what! Then, I had hubby take him to soccer practice by himself cuz I'm too cold!

We all make mistakes...don't beat yourself up! Sometimes those reading logs make me crazy!

independentmami said...

MBC follower