Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

I missed last week simply because I was spending some much needed time with my family and being thankful for them. This week I want to tell you that I am thankful for my two wonderful boys! God has granted me two great boys and I love them to death. Yes, they are some years apart, 9 years and 20 days apart. At times I feel we are raising two different families or people that see us out think so that's her kid by her first marriage then they have a new one or the other way around. For those that know us, they know they are both our boys. There is a reason for that and you can read that here. As I look back, I wished they where closer in age. However, I know this was God's plan.

Devon our oldest is 10 years old, very smart young man. I should call him that right, as he is growing up on me. He loves to play baseball, and be outside with his dad. Especially being out side and hunting. I was only 17 when I had Devon and as a young mom I worried about everything. I can remember actually thinking to myself after we brought him home, so now what? No doctors or nurses are going to come and check on him? Now it sounds funny but I could not believe that they where turning Brad and I loose with this new little one.

Devon is so funny, he just says things and makes us laugh. Everyone and his class even his teacher tells us that he always makes everyone laugh and smile. His goals as of now, lets remember he is only 10, he wants to attend The University of North Carolina (see the shirts) and become a dentist. No going to Appalachian State University, here in our town and where I work. I tell him to do his best and enjoy life! No matter what his dad and I will be there to support him every step of the way.

Now our newest member of the family, Chandler. Oh Chandler man is a gift that we wanted for a long time. Chandler is now 16 months old and growing like a weed! He always has a smile for me when I walk through the door and those arms fly open for me to pick him up. It's amazing to see him changing every day, and I do mean everyday. Just this past Monday, he stood at the refrigerator took out a yogurt and waited with it in hand for my husband to open it and feed it to him. Small things like that just melt my heart.

I sit back and enjoy every moment I can spend with my boys, I know one day they will be grown. Sniff Sniff.... the joys of being a mother.

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MoonNStarMommy said...

LOL!! I know the feeling of them changing sooooooo much!! Kaedyn (who is 15 months now) does the same thing - he just does these neat amazing normal things you don't expect that makes your heart yell HE'S GROWING UP! LOL... {{HUGS}}

I am just coming back from a blogging vacation and wanted to stop by and say HI again :)