Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wallables Review- Part 2

Wallables sent little man the Buzz Lightyear wallable and boy has he had a ball with it, as it has really brought out his imagination. He takes Buzz of the wall and runs around the room holding him up like he is flying, and says Buzz. I love to watch him use his wonderful imagination that God gave him and with having Buzz only enhances it.

There are other Wallables out there that will help your little ones to become more interactive. Check out this video:

You ask where can I get these Wallables? Well you don't have to special order them from some company that you don't trust. All you have to do is stop by your local Toys R Us or even online with at Toysrus.com or for store near you click here.

Disclosure: I did receive a sample product for this review. Word of Mouth Marketing provided me with the above sample, but this is my own honest opinion about Wallables. SP

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