Monday, April 27, 2009


As I changed up my diet some the past few days, I find myself not counting points like I had been. I am now watching more on the side of carbohydrates. I find that everything has carbs in it, especially the good stuff. I say good stuff, but in all reality it's the bad stuff.

By doctors orders, I still can eat carbs, it's just the amount that I have to watch. I can have about 160 a day. I find myself looking at everything I pick up, wanting to see how many carbs it has in it. I am finding out that mustard, protein such as tuna, turkey and even cheese are now my good things to eat.
Do any of you watch your carb intake? If so do you have any tips that you could share?

I am putting myself to the test this week with the diet (I should not call it a diet, it's my new way of living) and walking. I will check back in come Friday to let you know how it's going and if I have lost any weight doing this.


Jen @ One Moms World said...

I know you will do great. I didn't realize what all had carbs in it until you were talking to me about it.

pam said...

Good luck, how you have a great week.

Sarah said...

I am with you on the carbs! I've found a few things that are not as bad as refined carbs. Triscuits are 100% whole wheat and I love to melt a little cheese on them. Also, you can try mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes. Add all the butter and salt, and it's really good!

Anonymous said...

Oh girl, I seriously lack in watching my carbs. Wish I had some great advice, but I don't. said...

Carbs... man, they really are in everything!