Friday, April 24, 2009

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

Back in 2007 when we finally decided to go to a fertility doctor, I was told that I have PCOS.

He helped with getting my body where it need to be for me to get pregnant, and I did in late Oct. -Nov. 2007. Chandler was born at the end of July 2008. Since having Chandler, I know what a blessing he has made my life. Don't get me wrong so does Devon our older son, but I know how long I wanted a 2nd child. I had almost given up hope to ever have another one.

In the past few months I have noticed changes in my body, going back to the PCOS symptoms. I had asked my gyno about going back on Metformin, but she would not proscribe it and I left it at that. I had the urge that I needed to go back and see Dr. Thatcher in Johnson City, TN. I finally called and got an appointment. He is a great doctor and now I am so glad that I went back. After doing lots of blood work, and a ultra sound I found out that on my left ovary I have a cyst about the size of a tennis ball. He feels sure it's not cancer, and thinks that it will shrink on it's on. I go back at the end of May for more test.

In the mean time I am working harder on my diet and walking more. I want to get control of this so it's not in control of me. I hope that when I go back in May that I have lost more weight and I am starting to feel better.

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Jen @ One Moms World said...

I'm so glad you listened to your instincts girlie! I will help you in anyway I can and we shall be the walking queens. I'll keep praying that the cyst will shrink.