Friday, November 13, 2009

Wonderful Nursery Decor.....

A couple weeks ago I told you that I could not wait to share with you this wonderful website that I had found. It's, a online specialty store and it has any and everything that you need for your baby. I just love the nursery decor selection that they have. They have everything covered from the smallest items such as lamp shades to rugs and even bedding and mobiles. They have so many unique things that I have never seen before.

This site has great gift ideas for baby showers and even Christmas. With Christmas approaching you might find something special for that little one. While looking on there site I came across two wonderful products that I have never seen before and could not wait for Chandler to try them out!

The first being Boon Frog Pod Bath Toy Storage it is a must have for all those bath toys your little ones have!

I tell you it's amazing how many toys it can hold and on the top it has room for me to store his body wash/shampoo and you can even hang a sponge or two from his toes. ;o)
It unsnaps from the base and I can scoop up his toys and just snap it back into place and then the toys can just drain back into the tub and air dry. Before I received this frog, I was using one of those nets that holds toys and fighting it every time I had to add a toy to it. The net would come undone from the wall, etc. With this frog there are no problems what so ever!

The second item was Edushape Rolliphant Toddler Toy, this toy is wonderful as they can use in the bath tub or just out on the wall.

This toy is so neat because it helps build our little one's fine motor skills. Chandler is almost 16 months old and he will play and play with this toy, till his water starts getting cold. ;o)

These items are so unique, they are not in my local stores, such as Wal-Mart or Target. That's what I love about, they have the unique things that other stores do not have.
I hope that you will go by their site and check out what they have to offer, esp. for the up coming holiday season!

Disclosure: did provide me the items above for me to review and keep, but I was in no way paid to write my review. This review comes from my heart!

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Debbie said...

Fun things! I keep seeing their products on blogs. They must be a great company.