Monday, November 2, 2009

Small Things

As I finished up my lunch, changed my clothes and started out the door. I could not believe how pretty it was outside. It's November 2nd and I live in the High Country of North Carolina, where is the snow and wind? Well let me rephrase that I will say at least the wind?

As I kept walking and noticed so many different things, things I never pay attention to much. The leafs are pretty much gone, I noticed a few hanging on still. They are hanging on for dear life, taking in those last moments connected to life as they know it. The sun was shining down and the crisp cool fall mountain air blew across my skin. What's that ahead of me that I see, it's a baby woolly worm. My goodness it's so small, come to think of it I have not seen a baby one since back in early October. Wonder why he/she is so small still? As I walk on up the path, I see a bigger one and it really makes me wonder why that one was so small. However, I know it's all part of Gods plan why it is so little.

As I continue my walk, I notice the children playing on the local playground. They are so innocent and full of life. They have not a care in the world, just to have fun. I notice all the cars going here and there and wonder if anyone else is seeing life today like I have. All the small things in life, the things that most people don't notice or shall I say take the time to notice. This is one of my steps to a better me, a better Christian, to take the time and enjoy the small wonders that God has given to us.

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