Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wallables Review

Who has heard of Wallables 3D Wall Decor? Anyone? I know I haven't until recently. The question was what really is a Wallable? Well let me tell you a little about them, they are a very neat new 3D wall decor. It's sculpted out of soft and "eco-friendly" polyurethane foam made from US grown soybeans. You heard me right, SOYBEANS! What a great idea to have a great wall decor that is "eco-friendly" and safe for our little ones.

We received the Buzz Lightyear Wallable and it's great, my little man just loves it. When I took it out of the package he said "Wow Buzz" and immediately wanted to hold it. I gave it too him and he just loved it, I took him to his room and let him pick where he wanted me to install it and we did just that.
Every time he is in his room and he sees Buzz he goes over and pushes on him and just laughs. He is soft and little man can easily remove him from the wall as he is attached by simple velcro. When he gets tired of him he will go hang him back up, until bed time. See Buzz glows in the dark and little man thinks that's the greatest thing ever!

You ask where can I get these Wallables? Well you don't have to special order them from some company that you don't trust. All you have to do is stop by your local Toys R Us or even online with at or for store near you click here.


I did receive a sample product for this review. Word of Mouth Marketing provided me with the above sample, but this is my own honest opinion about Wallables. SP

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Good review. I'll keep a note of it to use as a reference.