Thursday, March 29, 2012

What do you think?

After dinner on Monday evening my oldest son started telling me about what they had discussed in Science class that day, the moon landing in 1969. His first question to me was Mom do you think it is real? Then in the meantime he gets my laptop and pulls up this video.

I did not want to have any influence on him, so I asked him what his take was, even after them talking about it that day. Boy was I shocked to hear what come from his mouth. He said I don’t think it happened. I was not in shock because he thought that way; I was in shock that he thought the same way I did. He told me that he had questioned his teacher while they were in the discussion; of course there were questions he could not even answer. I told him that I can remember thinking the same way as he did after watching the video for the first time when I was young. There are many questions for me that were never answered and I honestly believe there are questions we all could ask and never get an answer to. I think sometimes maybe if I was older and seen this live on TV I would have a different prospective on it. What do you think? Was the walk on the moon real or was it a hoax by our government?

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GAHCindy said...

Honestly? I've always thought it's probably true. The two choices are this: A) Whether our government has been and still is smart enough to orchestrate and keep a secret on such a large scale, or B) whether a group of scientists and pilots working for the government were smart enough to make all of that happen out of nothing but a sense of adventure and exploration and patriotism. My vote is for B. Our government has always sucked at cover-ups. ;-)