Thursday, January 15, 2009

Devon's New Toy

Boy was Devon very surprised yesterday when his dad came by work picked me up and we went to the bank. Then started on our way to a special place. Devon kept asking where are we going? We would not tell him, we told him we had to go take a quick trip somewhere and he would know when we got there. It just about killed Devon to have to wait and see where we were going.
We arrived at the HONDA shop just out side of town. Devon still had no idea, he told me later he thought that we were there to get Dad something for his four wheeler. Devon told us he had to go to the bathroom, so he goes on and comes back out.

Brad said to him so sit on this dirt bike and see if you like it and see how it feels. His eyes got super big and grins and get on it. He sits there and Brad said do you like it he says yes, Brad tells him well good because it's yours. He was so happy and excited! I wish that I would have had my camera to take a picture of him, it was priceless. Devon had been asking for a dirt bike since Christmas 2006. We wanted to let him grow a little, plus give us time to get some money together and so when Brad found this it was a deal that would could not pass up. We hope that Devon will enjoy this as much as we have enjoyed seeing his face light up getting it.


Jen @ One Moms World said...

I bet his face was priceless.... :). I know he will have lots of fun on it.

Nell @ Casual Friday Everyday said...

Oh what fun!!