Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a Day!

Today is a day for our nation to come together. God has guided us to where we are today, and will continue to guide us. We need to stand behind our new president Obama. I am very excited to sit here at my desk today at work and be able to watch the inauguration online at CNN.com. It something that is very exciting, and it only comes around every four years. I will have to admit this will be the first one that I can actully remember watching. I told our oldest son Devon this was a day that we should support our new president, even if he was not the one we wanted to win. As I told Devon this is a part of history that he can actully say he can remember sitting and watching it on television. I can see him now, his great grandkids talking about this day. Devon will be able to say I remember that day, I was nine years old.
We need to support President Obama with prayers, he will not have a easy job by no means. President Obama will take on more than we will ever imagine.

Congratulations President Obama, may God guide you over the next four years!

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Jen @ One Moms World said...

I agree 100%. We all sat around the TV today and I described to the girls what this day meant. It is exciting and like you the first time I have really sat down and watched an inauguration.