Tuesday, October 27, 2009


As I sit and really take in my boys, I think how fast they are growing and changing. It seems like just yesterday Devon started Kindergarten and how he was so scared to walk down the hall to his classroom. How he wanted a night light on in his room at night, how he just needed his Mommy to tuck him in. Oh but my dear Devon is growing up and doing it in a blink of an eye. I sit and listen to a conversation with his father about deer hunting, his friends calling and even talking about his girl friend to me just breaks my heart. How he is growing up so fast and I can do nothing about it, except for stand back and watch him grow into a young man! Sniff Sniff....


casual friday every day said...

Oh Cindy, they grow up so fast don't they?!


Priscila said...

Im new to your blog and just love it! Your boys are so cute !!!! They do grow up so fast :(

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Staci said...

Don't you wish you could just keep them little?! They grow way too fast!