Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Little R&R

Well that is what I would like to think our vacation was, but I will say I sure could use a few days of R&R now. We went on vacation to Orlando, FL and visited the Disney parks. I am sure we walked a few miles a day, maybe along the lines of 5 a day. However, we had a blast!

The crowds where low, we only waited in line at the most 10-15 min, but the only bad thing was the tempature it was in the nice 90's. We had wanting cooler temps, however it did not happen. When we got back home, that's when we seen the cooler temps. We went from the 90's to 38 degrees with flurries when we got back. Needless to say it's still cold up here in these mountains. :)

All in all we had a great time, a time we will never forget. We spent days busy with shows and rides, and then days we just laid at the house and did nothing. If I had the money the plan would be to rent the house for two weeks and go to a park every other day and relax on the off days. As my mom would say "maybe one day when my rich uncle gets out of the poor house".
Even though there are only four parks, I would suggest you to take your time enjoy it and plan on spending two days Magic Kingdom and Epcot and one day at Hollywood Studio's and Animal Kingdom, maybe two days with Animal Kingdom. There is so much to do and see, it's just amazing.

Our older son loved Epcot, I felt he learned a lot from this park. There where lots that he wrote about in his journal for school. That's one of the down falls of taking this kind of trip, you want to do it when the crowds are lower so it that puts it when the kids are in school. However, I felt it was worth it he did get his work done while we where down there, and we hope all in all he did not miss to much at school.

More to come, so stay tuned!


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Love the blog and very glad I found it following you now!

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