Monday, August 15, 2011


Almost a month ago our little man had to have surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids. I was worried about him, mostly worried about after the surgery how bad his pain would be. I knew he was in good hands before he went back for the surgery, the two nurses both came in a joked with him. They kept him upbeat and happy, and then the doctor prayed over him before they took him back. He was so relaxed and happy when they took him back that he did not cry at all. I knew God was in control and would see him through it.

After surgery I went back to the recovery area and what did I find? Clifford the Big Red Doctor! The nurse had too much time on his hands, and decided he would dress up Clifford. It was great because till this day, Chan still loves how Clifford is dressed and will not offer to remove the doctor attire.

He did so well after surgery that you would have never known anything had happened. The doctor told us we would have to stay overnight, but that wasn't the case. He did so well he let us go home that afternoon, and Chan actually got upset with the fact we would not let him eat "real" food. I am so happy things went well for him. Most of all I am glad that we no longer have a snoring little boy, so he is able to sleep better and breathe through his nose like he should.

This picture was taken just a few hours after surgery, as you can see him and dad enjoyed some drawing time. ;o)

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