Friday, May 8, 2009

New Appliance Collection from Frigidaire!

Frigidaire has a new appliance collection, 250 new appliances to be exact! Those 250 appliances are designed to help save time! Who can not use a little extra time, I know I sure could.

Frigidaire is wanting to know "How would use an extra hour?"

Frigidaire would like for you to share the five things that you would love to do with just one extra hour in your day. In return you are entered for a chance to win an entire set of the new time-saving Frigidaire appliances.

Here are my five things that I could do with an extra hour in my day!

1) Sleep
2) More time with my husband and boys.
3) Workout
4) Read more to my boys.
5) Soak in a nice hot bath.

Happy Mother's Day!

1 comment: said...

I'd sure love more time and new appliances! LOL

Happy Mother's Day to you!