Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Little Man

Oh how our little man is growing up, he will be 18 months old this coming Friday. It's so hard to believe, everyday I see so many changes. These changes are bitter sweet. Just this morning I asked Devon which kind of lunchable he wanted in his lunch, cracker or pizza. Chandler says "cracker", I was like what? Then we did the happy dance, with him just smiling. Tonight Chandler seen the box of cereal sitting out and he says "cereal". I couldn't believe it, two new words in one day. Oh how it saddens me that he has grown so much and he is becoming a toddler, no more a baby. Then again, it's nice that he is learning to communicate with us and we can understand what he wants and needs. Oh my little man Chandler how I wish I could preserve you a little longer at this age.

(This picture was taken back this fall, boy did he enjoy playing in the leafs.)

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Jackie Savi-Cannon said...

Children grow up so very quickly, and learning new words n milestones that are reached.
Where is that little baby we brought home..
It passes so quickly.