Monday, September 13, 2010

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is a part of life especial now days and the key question that everyone asks who can afford it, right? Reality is that if you are unemployed you more than likely do not have health insurance, but I ask this. Do your children have health insurance?

I know you are thinking… How can I afford to keep insurance on them? My question to you is… How can you not?

What are you going to do once your child is sick or hurt and you now go to the emergency room and have a $5000 bill over your head? When you could have paid for a health plan and paid such a much smaller amount to cover what just happened.

Can you tell me there is a policy out there I can afford for my children? Yes!

The policy is with UnitedHealthCare StudentResources and let me tell you a little bit about why this is such a great policy.

The policy was created for K-12 students and is offered for school-age children ages 5-18 (4-18 in Texas). The plan is available through many participating school districts from small rural schools to some of the largest in the nation such as Los Angeles Unified and Miami/Dade County. UnitedHealthcare has made partnerships with thousands of school districts across the U.S. to provide a quality health insurance for your children.

You may ask “What if I have health insurance for my kids already?” I understand, but can I ask you a question. What is your deductible? This could be the policy that you have been waiting for. Let’s just say your insurance deductible is $1000 per person and you have to go to the emergency room. You may be required to pay that $1000 out of pocket but with this K-12 health plan also, you can get reimbursed for eligible medical expenses after the $50.00 deductible.

The prices are great! You can cover your child for as much as you probably pay for lunch at school.

The k-12 plan is affordable as the rates have not increased since 2006. ($588 per policy year or $147 a quarter or $98 every 2 months.) To get right down to it, that is about $1.61 per day.

What are the advantages?

  • Same day enrollment and coverage
  • Can be combined with other health insurance for extra protection
  • $50 deductible per policy year
  • Easy online enrollment
  • Open enrollment throughout the school year and summer
  • 24 hour protection for eligible injuries and sickness at home or at school
  • Unrestricted choice of medical provider

How do you enroll?

1. Visit and click on Plans and Pricing tab to see if your district participates.

2. Enter your school district name and state.

3. Click View Plan materials to review the coverage page.

4. Just click the Enroll Now button and follow the steps.

I hope this information that I have brought you today will be very informative and help guide you on your way to finding great insurance for your little ones.

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